As a sign of our changing times and equal opportunities, the Women's Break-Away Roping is a modification and adaptation of the Men's Tie-Down Calf Roping.

To win in this event, not only must the cowgirl become a talented expert at roping calves, but she must be mounted on a very well trained horse. The horse must leave the box with a great burst of speed to catch the calf a short distance outside the gate.

The loop is dabbed around the escaping calf's head and the rope, which is tied to the saddlehorn, breaks away from the saddle when the slack is pulled tight.

A handkerchief is tied to the end of the rope to signal the moment the time should stop. This event is complicated by the dashing and darting action of the calves, so contestants are able to carry two ropes in case they miss with their first throw.

Similar to the min's timed events, the girls, too, must start from behind a pulled barrier.

Roping Results