HorseWorld Trivia

(1) You can tell how old a horse is by looking at their _Teeth_. Answered by: Raemie

(2) An organization known as the Pony Express came into being in what year? A)1881 B)1964 C)1860

(3) Who wrote the first book on training horses?

(4) What breeds were found in the United States? Quarter Horse, the American Saddlebred, the Tennessee Walker, the Paint, the Morgan, the Appoloosa and a few others Answered by: Angela Louge

(5) Which stallion was born of a crippled mare? (HINT:a race is named after him) correct answer is Hambletonian

  • Answer by: Beth Campbell

    (6) What is a horse's normal heart rate? A)36-44 B)36-100 c)40-50

    (7) Bits should be just tight enought to creat A)3 'wrinkles' B)1 'wrinkle' C)none correct answer is B

  • Answerd by: H L WYATT

    (8) What is the difference between a pace & a trot? Kirsten Babuik

    (9) Unsramble: AMCIALHE AZMT

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