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The Palomino

Environment:Hot temperate Origin:15th-16th century Blood:Warm Colors:palomino Uses:Saddle Height:any height is acceptable

The following was taken out of the "EYEWITNESS HAND BOOKS - HORSES"

The ancient golden palomino coloring occurs in a variety of horses and ponies as well as established breeds. The Palomino is therefore, a "color type" and not a "breed" in the accepted sense. The Spanish brought palomino coloring to America, where it now occures in the Quarter Horse & the Saddlebred. The name may derive from a Spanish grape.

  • Breeding Although not strictly a breed, Palomino horses are bred extensively in the USA. The American Palomino Horse Association on registers horses meeting specific standards and measuring between 14.1 and 16hh. For registration, one parent must be registered, and the other parent must be a quarter horse, arabian, or thoroughbred.

  • Characteristics These depend on the dominant genetic influence. The most favored cross to produc palomino is chestnut with palomino, or chestnut with cream or albino.

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