All About Me!

Howdy! (can you tell I'm a cowgirl yet?!?) My name is Brandi. I was born in Texas. I've lived in Texas all my life. I've never been out of the state. (Well, I did cross over to Okalhoma's side of the lake before. Does that count?) I'm 14 years old (Oct. 15). I have loved horses ever since I did a report on them in the 2nd grade.

I'm now in the 8th grade and currently take riding lessons from a friend 20 minutes away from my house. There at her house I ride her 5 year old Bandit and her 2 year old Paint Tan Man. I'm helping her train him.

I don't show or compete as of yet, but I'm learning to barrel race, pole bending, and roping.

About a year ago I cleaned stalls for my neighbor across the street from me. Show owned two Arabians. She was an endurance rider. She taught me a lot about the different things you have to do to take care of endurance horses. It was all very new and exciting. (Since I am a western rider. She rode English.)

I love to go to horse shows. I meet a lady over the Internet that is the President of the RRHC (aka Red River Horse Club), a local horse show circuit. She invited me to come and see what is was like. I have never seen so many horses in one place in all my years of loving them.

I'm currently looking for my own horse. I would like a Quarter Horse or Paint. It will most likely be trained as a speed event horse or just a pleasure horse.

Some of my extra-curricular activies:

  • I play Percussion for Sym. 1 Band at Piner Middle School. Currently I'm FIRST CHAIR. I mostly play the Snare Drum.

  • I ride, draw, and dream of HORSES!!!

  • I like to swim, play tennis and volleyball.