Barrel Racing Facts/Stories

Interesting Facts

  • Most speed event horses are trained at a slow walk,trot,lope.

  • A fast time around barrels is 16 seconds.


    I've heard the stories of horses who love barrels so much that they just do them by themselves if they see them, but I never thought I would see a horse like that, let alone own one. Last summer I had just gotten a new horse that we were told had done a few barrels. Well, I was doing my princess ride at my saddle club's Over-the-Hill show and told my mom to take him in the barrel class to see what he could do. She had never run around a barrel in her life, but she is a good rider. I gave her a few pointers about going into them and when and how to turn and off she went. I watched from the announcer's booth and that horse knew that she was inexperienced at barrels. He handled himself like a pro and turned the barrels tight when she really wasn't pulling him around that hard. She ended up winning her class. That's when I knew that I really had a great horse! If you want to talk to me or have your own stories e-mail me at: Thanks, Tracy

    Hi, I'm going to tell you a short story about me and my horse Bint. She is an Arab. She is 5 1/2 years old. I do barrels, poles, and lots of fast, fun stuff like that. Well anyway, We have been doing this Saddle Series in Fort Pierce, Fl. for 7 months. This is the last month (Dec.) and I did GREAT at all the shows except for this one. I was first and she is in a major heat.. I was ahead of the person behind me by 18 points, but at the end of the night I was only 6 points ahead of him. I was so scared. But he messed up in the last class. Then I knew for shore that I won the saddle and I did. We won a Brand New Circle Y Barrel Racing Saddle with a Black Seat. On the fenders it says S.L.C.C. Junior Saddle Series Champion. This was the most happiest day of my life. Well if you have any interesting storys or anything you can Email me at Alot, Heather